Most Common Writing Mistake – Character Development 

Love this post. It is true true true!

A.J. Flowers

Whether you’re a pantser or a plotter, there is one mistake nearly every writer does, including experienced ones. It’s a concept of your writing goal, be it one paragraph, one chapter, or whole sections of the manuscript. When plotting (outlining) your book, you have a series of events carefully planned out. Therefore, it’s logical when you’re writing that your main goal of the chapter is to meet an event. Which makes the work already sound pretty textbook and dry, doesn’t it?

Maybe you need your main character to get into a car accident so he can meet a nurse, his future wife, in the next chapter. Maybe you want your main character to run away from home. Or maybe you’re just trying to set up some world lore for your fantasy, and you have a particularly complicated bit of information you intend to teach the reader in this chapter.


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